Fast Food in Martin

We all lovingly prepared special goodies and for legendary events such as "Friday the 13th", burgers in line were waiting for several hours ....
How it all began

Our Story

Our story began to be written in the year 1990. In those times of re-acquired freedom, we have decided to embark on a journey of private entrepreneurship. The beginnings were modest, and we have prepared and sold our first hot-dogs and fries in a food trailer. The rising popularity of our products has, however, provided us with an opportunity to move forward and grow. This is how the foundations were laid for our Fast Food in Martin and Vrútky.

We have stayed true to our values

Growing thanks to you

Over the time of the next three years, we have acquired more concession stands and opened our first brick-and-mortar restaurant. It was during this period we have established our brand – Frito – that stood for a local chain of fast-food restaurants. The foundations of our company were laid on the values of offering a reliable quality of food and services for a reasonable price. As a result of ever-increasing demand, the core of our employee team was also formed.

Memorable events

Friday the 13TH or the French Fries Wednesday

Among the most memorable events that have over time gained almost a legendary status are events such as “French Fries Wednesday” or “Friday the 13th when people waited for up to several hours to get a burger for just 13 Slovak crowns (the approximate equivalent of today 50 cents).

Expanding our enterprise

Restaurant and Fast Food in Martin – Fulfilling our dream

In the year 2001, we have reached an important milestone. We have purchased and renovated our own building in the centre of Martin, part of which was also a new spacious restaurant.

Thanks to this space, we were able to evolve qualitatively. The fast-food menu has been augmented, and several lines of new products were introduced. The most crucial progress was the launching of a full-featured kitchen with a chef, which meant a daily breakfast and lunch menu together with an abundant selection of salads, fresh juices and quality coffee.

Fineburgers line

Concept of restaurant that is modern and sustainable

As we are living in times, when supermarkets are overfilled with processed foods and imported groceries from all around the world, we have decided to shift our focus even more towards quality and sustainability. Thus, we transformed our brand into a new concept called Fineburgers. The change did not include only a new logo and a refurbished modern design but also an upgraded menu offering a street-food selection that is convenient, tasty, and made out of quality and local ingredients. We bake our own burger and hot-dog buns, use meat from Slovak suppliers that raise animals without the usage of growth hormones or antibiotics, and use milk products, fish, and vegetables from local farms.

Using compostable packaging

Fast Food in Martin, thinking ecologically

Trying to contribute to deferring the climate crisis as much as possible, we offer a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan meals, use packaging made out of compostable materials, recycled paper towels and toilet paper, and recycle the biological waste by composting.

Local, tasty, and above all, fine

Quality Slovak ingredients

We, at Fineburgers, believe in the high quality of our meals, professional approach towards our customers, and responsible approach towards our environment. We have built our company on these foundations from the very beginning, and they remained the core values of our enterprise till this day.

Our most essential endeavour, however, has always been and still is, the utmost satisfaction of our customers, of you. After all, it is your satisfaction and good feeling from the food that is most fulfilling and meaningful for us.

We will be happy if you will visit us.

We would like to thank you for all the feedback and kindness shown in person or on our social networks.

Chladnuch family and all the staff of Fineburgers

Martin’s legend

Burgers with an unmistakable taste that even your grandmothers know ;o)

We enjoy our work

Professionally trained staff will prepare the best …

We think ecologically

We use the most ecological elements possible when dispensing food.

Restaurant FRITO Fine Burgers

M. R. Štefánika Martin

Monday -Thursday: 11:00 – 19:00
Friday: 11:00 – 20:00
Saturday – Sunday: closed

M. R. Štefánika 1029
036 01 Martin
In the square in Martin
GPS: 49.064363, 18.921959

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Martin bus station

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:30
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed

Novákova 552/4
036 01 Martin
At the bus station in Martin
GPS: 49.063334, 18.916066

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Restaurant FRITO Fine Burgers

Vrútky railway station

Monday – Friday: 11:30 – 19:30
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed

Železničná 3228/14
038 61 Vrútky
At the train station in Vrútky
GPS: 49.114953, 18.923897

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